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Educator Resources

Adaptation & Mitigation: Wisconsin

An animated overview of strategies for addressing climate change with examples of actions that humans can take as individuals and as a society.

Extreme Heat: Milwaukee, WI

Elijah Furquan channels his creativity as a spoken word artist into giving voice to the effects of extreme heat on his urban community.

Farming: Bangor, WI

Kyle Niedfeldt Zenz shares about the challenges pests and disease pose to raising crops on her family’s farm.

Fly Fishing: Viroqua, WI

Peter Cozad, a fly fishing guide, talks about the increasing frequency of severe weather events that are impacting trout streams.

Forestry: Neopit, WI

Marshall Pecore describes the forest’s economic and cultural value to the Menominee and invasive species that now threaten the forest’s health.

Ice Fishing: Madison, WI

Tom and Norma Marchant share about their enjoyment of winter ice fishing season, which is being made shorter by warming temperatures.

Phenology: Baraboo, WI

Nina Leopold Bradley talks about how keeping records of the changing timing of plant and animal life cycles makes climate change visible.

Sugaring: Athens, WI

Kat Becker and Tony Schultz recount the seasonal practice of maple sugaring and how changing conditions impact the sap supply.


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“We use Climate Wisconsin videos all the time! Such a great resource, really well done and relevant to our audience.”

Community Educator, Monona, WI
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Educator Resources

Fit to Print: The Progressive Era and WWI

Read between the lines of The Progressive Era and WWI through the printing of amateur newspapers.

Bowled Over: Vietnam Era

Roll into recreation in Wisconsin during the Vietnam War era through Earlene Fuller’s story.

For the Record: World War I and the Great Depression

Tune into the history of the Great Depression through the story of Paramount Records.

An Iron In the Fire: The Fur Trade Era

Spark your thinking about life during the Fur Trade Era through the making and use of a wrought iron toaster.

Not Set In Stone: Early Wisconsin, Civil War, and Reconstruction

Get a different take on Lincoln’s legacy and the freeing of enslaved people through the Emancipation Group sculpture.

On the Move: Modern Era

Get your gears turning about life in the modern era through bicycles and bike making in Wisconsin.

Ripe for Change: Postwar Wisconsin

Travel back to the postwar era through the bunk beds that hold the history of migrant farmworkers in Wisconsin.

A Stitch In Time: Territory to Statehood

Sew your way through the time from territory to statehood with Margaret Miekel’s cross-stitch sampler.

Time to Shine: Early Explorers

Set your clock to the time of early explorers through the story of the Le Maire Sundial and Compass.

A Trunk Full of History: The New Deal and World War II

Unpack the New Deal and WWII through this Civilian Conservation Corps member’s trunk.

Waterlogged: First Nations

Dive into learning about First Nations in the area thousands of years ago through the dugout canoes recovered from Lake Mendota.


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“Social studies is quick to be forgotten because of math and reading, but the length and content of these videos make them perfect for the classroom.”

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“I like the variety of the resources, especially those that are more local to my area.”

Wisconsin Educator
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Educator Resources

The Ways Educator Guides

Clan Mother: Healing the Community

Molly Miller, a Stockbridge-Munsee Community elder reflects on healing from trauma and caring for her community.

Hunting Deer: Sharing the Harvest

Greg “Biskakone” Johnson, a member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa hunts honoring traditional ways.

Lady Thunderhawks: Leading the Way

Jessica House of the Oneida Nation infuses the values of her culture into her role leading her school’s basketball team.

Lake Superior Whitefish: Carrying on a Family Tradition

The Petersons, members of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa share their experiences with treaty fishing.

Language Apprentice: Bringing Back the Ho-Chunk Language

Arlene Thunder Blackdeer learns and teaches the Ho-Chunk language to connect and strengthen the community.

Living Language: Menominee Language Revitalization

Ron Corn Jr. teaches his youngest daughter the Menominee language to ensure it lives on in the next generation.

Manoomin: Food that Grows on the Water

Fred Ackley Jr. of the Sokaogon Chippewa Community of Mole Lake harvests wild rice.

Powwow Trail: Keeping the Beat

Dylan Jennings, a member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa provides insight into contemporary powwows.

Prayers in a Song: Learning Language Through Hip-Hop

Tall Paul (Paul Wenell Jr.) of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe raps about language learning and his Native identity.

Spearfishing: A Living History

Jason Bisonette of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe practices spearfishing as part of his culture.

Waadookodaading: Ojibwe Language Immersion School

Waadookodaading educators integrate the tradition of sugaring into the curriculum to support Ojibwe language learning.

Warriors Boxing: Fighting for Our People

Mark Antonio Daniels Jr., a member of the Forest County Potawatomi continues a longstanding boxing tradition.


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“I absolutely LOVE The Ways! Great modern resource to add to any lesson when talking about Native Americans.”

Casey Ineichen
Library Media Specialist, Monona Grove School District