Green Bay

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Segments feature a look at the Native American tribes who lived off the bounty of the land; the arrival of the Oneida from New York State; the fight for Wisconsin's territorial status and later statehood; the arrival of the Europeans in the 1830s and 1840s; the transition from crop farming to dairy farming and the processing storage, shipping and distribution of cheese; the rise of the paper industry; and founding of the Green Bay Packers in 1919.

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Credits: Deborah Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay), Lisa Bohm (Green Bay Area Public School District), Sarah Clement (Wisconsin Historical Society), Dexter Daul (Curriculum Advisor), Andrew Kersten (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay), Jo Mellen (CESA 7), Vicki Santacroce (Ashwaubenon School District), and Craig Charles (Curriculum Advisor)

Segment 1: Intro (03:06)
Follow the growth of the city at the mouth of the Fox River.
Segment 2: First People (07:50)
Green Bay provided for its indigenous people for centuries.
Segment 3: A New Home (06:57)
The displaced Oneida found a new home in Green Bay.
Segment 4: The Birth of Wisconsin (08:03)
Wisconsin became a state in 1848.
Segment 5: The Church Visible (07:06)
New immigrants find strength in forming congregations.
Segment 6: Dairy Gold (07:09)
Green Bay became a center of the worldwide cheese industry.
Segment 7: Tissue Capital of the World (07:24)
The paper making business bloomed late, but with record setting profits.
Segment 8: The Little City that Could (08:30)
Green Bay became the smallest city to have an NFL franchise.