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Segments feature an introduction to Janesville's history, the philosophical idealism of its first settlers, abolitionist activism, post-Civil War growth, Francis Willard and the women's movement of the late 1880's, General Motors, composer Carrie Jacobs Bond, the Parker Pen Company, and a retrospective of the innovative thought that has and will continue to shape Janesville.

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Video Segments

Segment 1: Intro (09:18)
Pioneer settler Henry Janes blazed a trail soon followed by hundreds,
and then thousands.
Segment 2: A Perfect Society (09:30)
Idealistic New Englanders chose Janesville as the location for building a perfect society.
Segment 3: Lincoln Slept Here (05:51)
William Tallman, one of the richest men in Rock County in the 1850s, built a grand home that housed famous guests including Abraham Lincoln.
Segment 4: Growth (05:27)
Janesville grew by adding the making of farm implements to its expanding agriculture.
Segment 5:  Strong-minded Women (05:44)
Janesville's Frances Willard and Lavinia Goodell led a movement for women’s rights.
Segment 6: I Love You Truly (05:29)
Carrie Jacobs Bond was the first woman to sell a million copies of a song.

Segment 7: Two Names (08:07)
Through technical advances and marketing genius, Parker Pen put Janesville on the map.
Segment 8:  Milestones (06:28)
New parks, better schools and government, and good-paying jobs helped Janesville thrive.