Juneau County

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Shaped by its glacial geography, its earliest native residents and immigrant settlers, the story of Juneau County is filled with perseverance, innovation, leadership and heroism. Film, images and interviews with historians, local citizens and experts tell the stories of Juneau County's distinct places, and the role people have played in the development of Wisconsin.

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Video Segments and Teaching Resources

Credits: Rose Clark (Juneau County Historical Society), Dawn Ertel (Wonewoc-Union Center School District), Mikki Maddox (Necedah Area School District), Julie Mecikalski (New Lisbon School District), Rusty Schankle (School District of Mauston), and Jayne Turner (New Lisbon School District)

Segment 1: Early History (11:48)
Native Americans, railroads, and glacial waters affected Juneau County's
early history.
Segment 2: The Drainage Dream (09:29)
The failure of wetland farming led to the establishment of the Necedah Wildlife Refuge.
Segment 3: I Hope To Do Something Brave (06:45)
Early Civil War volunteers fought with distinction as part of the Iron Brigade.

Segment 4: Camp Douglas History (07:47)
Starting as a railroad lumber camp, Camp Douglas was built and rebuilt with pride.
Segment 5: Two Governors (11:35)
The county produced two governors: Mauston’s Orland Loomis, and Elroy’s Tommy Thompson.
Segment 6: Major Attraction (08:00)
Glacial waters left vast areas of poor land that became a major attraction for the county.
Segment 7: Cranberries (05:46)
Advances in growing the native cranberry created an iconic Wisconsin industry.