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Find innovation and civic pride in this city on the Fox River and Lake Winnebago. Named for the Menominee Chief who worked to keep his people on their native lands, Oshkosh's history has been shaped by its industrial spirit, fierce battles for social justice and its citizens' creativity. Film, archival images, aerial footage and interviews tell the unique stories of Oshkosh and its people.

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Credits: Jaime Checki (Oshkosh Area School District), Anna Cannizzo (Oshkosh Public Museum), Mandy Froehlich (Oshkosh Area School District), Linda Kaelin (Lourdes Academy), Kristi Levy (Oshkosh Area School District), Meghan Neveau (Oshkosh Area School District), Joshua Ranger (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Archives & Area Research Center), and Paul Stellpflug (Oshkosh Area School District)

Segment 1: Naming the City (07:55)
Oshkosh was named & founded around the wetlands, rivers and lakes
of the Fox River Valley.
Segment 2: Sawdust City (05:01)
Situated between the Fox and Wolf rivers, Oshkosh was an ideal city for lumber mills.
Segment 3: Fire and Waters (05:43)
Despite five great fires, architect William Waters helped expand and improve Oshkosh.
Segment 4: Strike! (09:17)
The Spanish American War put a strain on families, and Oshkosh woodworkers went on strike.
Segment 5: Women's Suffrage (07:52)
The suffragette movement reached Oshkosh as women gained career opportunities.
Segment 6: Oshkosh, By Gosh! (08:54)
Using its memorable name, Oshkosh built a reputation as a center for innovation.
Segment 7: Modern Whirl (09:02)
Oshkosh became an artistic hub and home to the EAA airshow, revitalizing the city.