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Follow the history of Wausau from its lumber milling origins to today's vibrant community, which was built on the ambitions and pride of its residents. Film, images and interviews with historians and local citizens tell the stories of early settlements, the transforming impact of a group of investors called "The Wausau Group," the recent immigration experience of Wausau's Hmong community and the city's tradition of building cultural institutions.

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Credits: Sonja Ackerman (Wausau School District), Lois Alt (D.C. Everest Area School District), Phillip Beck (D.C. Everest Area School District), Thom Hahn (Wausau School District), Renee Heinrich (Wausau School District), Mike Maher (Wausau School District), Beth Martin (D.C. Everest Area School District), Brady Mesenberg (Wausau School District), Joe Pachal (Wausau School District), and Bree Sandquist (D.C. Everest Area School District)

Segment 1: Wausau - White Pine and Water Power (07:58)
Lumber milling at Big Bull Falls created the earliest Wausau settlement.
Segment 2: The Wausau Group (08:06)
A group of Wausau businessmen reinvested in the city to ensure its future.
Segment 3: Wausau on the Map (13:22)
A series of developments brought national recognition to Wausau.
Segment 4: The Wausau Spirit (08:39)
Wausau's community pride dates back to its earliest days.
Segment 5: Hmong Journey (13:22)
Hmong refugees became an important part of the Wausau community.
Segment 6: Connections (07:10)
Lasting traditions are important to the city's economy and culture.