Ep 4: Setting Boundaries

Wed, 30 Nov 2022

As educators, how do you learn to say “no?” In a job where you’re already doing too much, finding ways to maintain balance is vital. In this episode our hosts revisit last week’s Pass the Mic, but also chat about how they handle being voluntold to participate in extra curriculars. 

Episode Transcript


  1. Joanna’s questions for a closing circle with students (shared in the episode):
    1. Do I feel like centered or scattered? 
    2. Do I feel connected or separate? 
  2. The 3 R’s for Teacher Self-Care: Reflect. Release. Recharge. (Just for Teachers!)

From PBS’s Teachers Lounge blog, this article uses research-backed strategies and considerations to help educators establish an intentional practice for personal well-being. The author, Dr. Charmain Jackman, writes with a keen awareness and respect for the challenges teachers are facing, offering insights that are accessible, practical, and manageable.