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Alyssa Tsagong
Alyssa Tsagong
Director of Education
“Curiosity can ignite change in the world — and we’re here because of it.”

Curiosity can unlock new doors, new perspectives, new questions. It can open pathways to grow understanding about Wisconsin’s First Nations, to learn how to elevate youth voice through media production, to help caregivers use media to inspire our littlest learners with PBS KIDS, to convene creative communities to develop new pathways and partnerships… and so much more.

Truly, curiosity can ignite change in the world — and we’re here because of it. At PBS Wisconsin Education, we believe that all meaningful learning needs a spark that sets the learner off on a journey of their own making.

That’s just the start! Curiosity powers our core values. Those include:

  • A love of learning that unites across difference — bringing together people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and interests to uncover, unpack and understand ourselves and our world.
  • A deep respect for the expertise, brilliance and insights of educators and community members who are making a difference every day.
  • A commitment to equity and access, ensuring that high-quality educational media resources and services are free to use and available to all.

Curious about us? Use the space below to send us a question or comment.

And please let me know how you are using PBS Wisconsin Education resources as your spark.

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