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About PBS Wisconsin Education


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Activating technology to serve learners and educators, because learning happens everywhere—the world is our classroom.

  • Free to use, standards-aligned, Wisconsin-focused media for grades PreK-12, including videos, games, interactive content, educator guides, and more
  • Created with and for educators and learners


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Amplifying your expertise—along with best practices in education—to nurture learning in Wisconsin’s classrooms, virtual environments and neighborhoods.

  • Powerful and practical events and resources to support your teaching practice, whether you teach in a formal or informal setting, from early learning through high school
  • Networked peer communities for building skills and relationships with educators throughout Wisconsin
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Classroom Media

Illustration from the game, Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case

Jo Wilder and the Capitol CaseJo Wilder and the Capitol Case

Think like a historian in this history mystery video game and find the real stories behind artifacts from two movements in Wisconsin history.

Illustration of Vel Phillips and friends

Wisconsin BiographiesWisconsin Biographies

Discover life stories from Wisconsinites of the past to understand their contributions to Wisconsin and U.S. history.

Illustration of shipwreck

The Legend of the Lost EmeraldThe Legend of the Lost Emerald

Locate and dive for shipwrecks on the Great Lakes and discover the real treasure inspired by shipwrecks and Great Lakes history.

Monique Ross of SistaStrings playing cello

Re/sound: Songs of WisconsinResound: Songs of Wisconsin

Meet contemporary musicians and explore connections between music, culture and emotion.

Scientist working in lab

Meet the LabMeet the Lab

Relate to people in science careers and learn about the real-world problems that research works to solve.

Scientist in forest

Climate WisconsinClimate Wisconsin: Stories From a State of Change

Learn about Wisconsin’s changing climate through the stories of the people who experience it.

Worker using sign language with coworkers

The WaysThe Ways

Hear stories of culture and language from First Nations community members around the central Great Lakes.

Young person using laptop computer in a lab

PBS LearningMediaPBS LearningMedia

Access collections of classroom-ready resources in all subject areas contributed by PBS stations across the country.

Native American person

Wisconsin First NationsWisconsin First Nations

Explore a variety of media resources related to the history, culture and tribal sovereignty of Wisconsin’s First Nations.

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Professional Development

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