About the Legend of the Lost Emerald   

The Legend of the Lost Emerald   

Searching for Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes

Take a deep dive into maritime mysteries with your students in this point-and-click adventure game! Learners will use critical thinking and historical inquiry skills to recover the real treasure—the stories of shipwrecks inspired by real Great Lakes history. Sail to the Educator Resources page for a guide to the game with vocabulary, standards supported, and discussion questions.

Learning Goals

  • Illustration of girl with brown hair and brown eyes wearing a SCUBA mask


    Engage in critical thinking and historical inquiry to solve mysteries of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

  • Illustration of a camera


    Gather historical evidence from multiple sources by applying the language, practices, and tools of maritime archaeologists.

  • Illustration of a book with a leather cover


    Use primary and secondary source materials to support an evidence-based conclusion.



“An excellent experience in linking evidence to claims. This well crafted game is well worth those precious classroom minutes. My students keep begging me to play again!”
Katherine Seibel
Educator, Auburndale Elementary