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The aka Teacher project recognizes the many hats educators today wear – several of which are never included in any job description. The project has grown and changed with every educator we’ve talked to and we are excited to offer this podcast as one created with and for educators like you to explore the joys, challenges, and questions that come with being an educator today.
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aka Teacher Episodes

Thu, 16 Mar 2023

Ep 10: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

This week Angie and Joanna talk about the ways preparing and maintaining safe…

Thu, 2 Mar 2023

Ep 9: Beautiful, Brave Spaces

Check out this special episode we recorded during a live EdCamp session! Our hosts speak with each other and…

Thu, 16 Feb 2023

Ep 8: Morale, Mental Health, and Finding Joy

In the long stretch between the new year and Spring Break our hosts talk about how they take care of…

Thu, 2 Feb 2023

Ep 7: Teachers Unions and Supporting Colleagues

This week we talk about how educators might navigate the world of teachers unions. Plus, our hosts chat about…

Thu, 5 Jan 2023

Ep 6: Realness, Relationships, and Respect

Can you bring your authentic self to school if you’re constantly thinking about what you wear, say and… 

Sat, 3 Dec 2022

Ep 5: After the Election

In the wake of an important election, we’re thinking about how elections, policy decisions, court rulings, and… 

Wed, 30 Nov 2022

Ep 4: Setting Boundaries

As educators, how do you learn to say “no?” In a job where you’re already doing too much, finding ways to maintain balance…

Fri, 21 Oct 2022

Ep 3: Politics Entering the Classroom

We are coming up to an election day and talk of issues and events seems to swirl around everything we do. How do you keep…

Sun, 18 Sep 2022

Ep 2: Reading the Room

We’re a few weeks into the school year now, and taking time to check in. How are…

Sat, 17 Sep 2022

Ep 1: The Start of Something New

As the first few days and weeks of school get underway, we’re thinking about our experiences in education and how we get…

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