Ep 9: Beautiful, Brave Spaces

Thu, 2 Mar 2023

Check out this special episode we recorded during a live EdCamp session! Our hosts speak with each other and other educators about finding ways to cultivate and sustain successful classroom communities throughout the school year.

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Episode Transcript


1. Understanding Stress and Burnout: SEL for Teachers (PreK-12 teachers)

From PBS LearningMedia, hear from experts about the complex nature of being a classroom teacher and learn to recognize common stressors that can lead to a state of burnout. Discover the ways to manage these stressors to avoid long-term problems.

2. Kindness in the Classroom  (Grades PreK-K)

Practice kindness by implementing the Kindness Curriculum, a series of lessons developed and researched by the Center for Healthy Minds and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, that has shown to have a positive impact on academic performance, peer relationships, and teacher-perceived social competence. 

3. Safe Space Classrooms (Grades 3-8)

Hear from Wisconsin sixth-grade teacher Jacalyn Mueller on how she designed the physical space of her classroom to create a learning environment conducive to students’ content learning and mental health.

4.“Is the Internet Making You Meaner?

It turns out people really do act differently online than they do in person. Learn why and discuss with this Above the Noise video. (Grades 6-12)