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Making Room to Recharge

Tue, 8 Jun 2021

Dear educators,

Wow. What a long, strange school year it’s been. And here we finally are, at the precipice of summer vacation. While we know that your work never comes to a full stop in the summer, we want to take this opportunity to pause and give you some praise. YOU did it. YOU are the ones who helped all of our kids make it through. And all we can think to say is thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

This aka Teacher blog launched in January of 2021—in the middle of the pandemic—as a space for sharing the insights of teachers like you throughout our state. We shared one teachers’ voice at a time on the varied and complicated issues that you face in your classroom. And since day one, we have been learning so much from you. We hope you are learning from each other, too, because really, it’s been non-stop all year long. The reinvention. The process improvements. The WORK. We have been hearing from you, and we are in awe of you.

As this challenging year comes to a close, it is our sincere hope that you find some respite in the coming months. That you can connect with family and friends, and make some space for yourselves to recharge.

And on that note, this blog will be taking a hiatus for the summer, too. We’re planning and producing content for the fall, but we won’t be publishing over the next few months in hopes that you are turning down the dial on this kinda’ stuff, and turning up the dial on the relaxing kinda’ stuff. We hope you get to go to your favorite places with your favorite people. Drink in some sunshine. Breathe deep and wide, and refill your own bucket with wonder.  

Wishing you a great summer. See you in September,

The PBS Wisconsin Education team

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