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Klassik, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Kellen Abston, known on stage and to his listeners as “Klassik,” was born and raised in Milwaukee. He honors the family members and mentors who have guided him as he channels his creativity into making electro-soul-infused hip-hop music that takes the pulse of his life in the city.
Marcya Daneille, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Marcya Daneille is a jazz vocalist based in Milwaukee. Her music, which she describes as “classically-trained, jazz-influenced, and soul-inspired” is infused with improvisation.
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Bring the world to your classroom with PBS LearningMedia. Find more than 30,000 free-to-use educational resources for educators in all core subjects from PBS stations across the country, including PBS Wisconsin Education resources! Access videos, interactives, lesson plans and curated collections to create unique and fun learning experiences aligned to state standards. Searching for content is easy. Knowing what you find comes from a trusted source is even better.
Lavanyaa Surendar, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Lavanyaa Surendar of Brookfield shares stories and emotions through a tradition of Indian classical music and dance.
Black River Review, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
The four friends who make up Black River Revue love to put a spin on bluegrass classics, often referencing the places where they grew up, like the Black River.
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Find out about upcoming and past conference presentations, webinars and more ways to connect and learn with our team and other educators.
Sistastrings, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Chauntee and Monique Ross are two sisters in Milwaukee fusing sounds and connecting past, present and future in their music as SistaStrings.
Richard Hildner Armacanqui and Juan Tomãs Martínez, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Richard Hildner Armacanqui and Juan Tomás Martínez are two Madison-based musicians whose music is influenced by their families and world travels.
Wade Fernandez, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Wade Fernandez is a musician from the Menominee Reservation who finds inspiration for his compositions in nature and draws from musical genres from all over the world.
Maa Vue, featured in Re/sound, Songs of Wisconsin
Maa Vue is a singer/songwriter based in the Wausau area who creates music in the Hmong language; celebrating her culture while challenging expectations.
Re/Sound: Songs of Wisconsin
Re/sound resources for educators including guides to provide context, outcomes and standards alignment, and a curated resource page to spark extended learning.
Re/Sound: Songs of Wisconsin
Re/sound: Songs of Wisconsin resources connect music, culture and emotion through the stories and songs of Wisconsin musicians.