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Asian-American Identity Erasure

Tue, 17 May 2022

Identity erasure of Asian-Americans in school curriculum is an issue that stems from a variety of societal issues in the United States. With hate crimes and other forms of discrimination toward Asian-Americans on-the-rise, the understanding and implementation of inclusivity practices in the classroom is imperative for all of your students. In this video we hear from Kabby Hong about how teachers can approach the implementation of a more inclusive curriculum and discussions with students surrounding identity.

Additional Resources

Growing up without representation in the curriculum can make students feel like they do not belong. Continue learning and making your education spaces more inclusive with the following free, high-quality educational media from PBS Wisconsin Education and PBS LearningMedia. 

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Kabby Hong reminds us, “We don’t do diversity work just for our kids of color… it’s incredibly impactful and powerful for all kids.” Creating safe spaces for students to feel comfortable to have important discussions about visibility and representation is impactful. Help address anti-Asian hate and racism and advance equity with Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate information and resources.