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Maa Vue

Maa Vue

Wausau, WI

“I think the language is the most important part of my music... When I think about how I connect to my culture, it's really through the Hmong words that I'm singing, and the fact that it's poetry.”

Musician Interview

Making Her Voice Heard

Maa Vue is a singer/songwriter who creates music in the Hmong language. In her journey as a musician, she draws from her emotions while celebrating her culture and challenging expectations.


“I started asking myself, ‘How come nobody’s asking me what I want to be?’ That’s when I found music again.”

Questions to consider:
  • Maa talks about how singing in show choir helped to raise her confidence and find her voice. How do you feel when you make music? Are there other ways you express yourself?
  • Maa shares about how there are expectations for girls and women in her family and culture, and that she had to defy those expectations to forge her own path as a musician. What expectations are in your own life?
  • Maa uses music to communicate with her dad and her culture. What music makes you feel connected to your culture or the ones you love? Why?

Musician Performance

Maa Vue

“Txiv Lub Xim Xaus”

(Father’s Violin)

In this song, Maa honors her father and his passion for playing the xim xaus, a traditional Hmong string instrument. Maa also reflects on how time with your loved ones should be cherished.

“Txiv Lub Xim Xaus” was composed by Maa Vue and featured on her 2016 album Sij Hawm from Yellow Diamond Records. This performance was recorded by PBS Wisconsin Education on February 22, 2020.


View the song lyrics in Hmong and English.


“The connection that brought me and my dad back was the music.”
Maa Vue

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“Txiv Lub Xim Xaus” (Father’s Violin)

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Maa Vue

Educator Engagement Guide

Maa Vue

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