Belle Case La Follette

Ballots and Bloomers


How do you make history?

At a time when women were expected to stay at home, Belle Case La Follette went out—first to pursue a university education, and then to fight for women’s access to the ballot box, and for peace. Her ideas and way with words made her into a trusted advisor in a family of political leaders, and she went on to advise both from backstage and then at the podium. Belle stepped over the stereotypical expectations of women of her time to advocate for important changes that continue to resonate today.

Meet Belle Case La Follette

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Questions to Consider

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Belle spent a lot of time with her grandmother when she was young, who taught her to value hard work and education. How did those values affect what she did as she got older? Do you have someone in your life like Belle’s grandmother? How has that person inspired you?

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While not a fan of the spotlight, Belle still made her voice heard about the things that mattered to her. How did she do that? What are ways that you could stand up for what you care about?

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Even after the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, there was still more to do to make it possible for all women to vote. Why? What happened in the years after 1920?

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Belle Case La Follette: Ballots and Bloomers

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