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Wisconsin Biographies

Wisconsin is shaped by people who have made history: the freedom seekers, community builders, innovators of industry, land protectors, and more. The Wisconsin Biographies collection brings their stories to life for learners today with short animated videos, digital books, historical images, and extension activity ideas that support academic standards. Visit the Educator Resources page for a quick-start chart for the collection, and guides for each story.

Learning Goals

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    Discover life stories from Wisconsinites of the past and recognize their contributions to history.

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    Interpret informational and multimodal texts in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.

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    Identify connections between past and present, and relate to the lives of people who made Wisconsin history.


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“We must include a variety of perspectives to make history fascinating enough for our students to make a connection. This collection helps instill curiosity about the past, shows that the improbable can actually become possible; and may even inspire the life of the learner.”
Wisconsin Educator