Les Paul

The Search for the New Sound


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Project Credits

Dan Kaplan
Becky Marburger

Associate Producer
Joe Young

Animation & Illustration
The Brave Union

Animation Voice Over
Audio excerpts of Les Paul courtesy of Wizard of Waukesha Stray Cat Productions, Inc. 1979

Audiobook Narration
Paul Elite

Audiobook Editing
Kerman Eckes

Catie Pfeifer
Vicki Way Kipp

Educator Support Materials
Mia Forslund

John Vieth
Erika Kachama-Nkoy
Tim Schneider

Charles Barrows

MJ Hecox

Translation Services
University of Wisconsin-Madison Cultural Linguistic Services

Executive Producer
Peggy Garties

Special Thanks
Marta Bechtol
Kurt Griesemer

Story Advisors

Brenda Autz
Park Elementary School
Middleton, WI

Charlene Dupler
Lakeview Elementary School
Wind Lake, WI

Kurt Griesemer
Wisconsin HIstorical Society
Madison, WI

Kristen McDaniel
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Madison, WI

David J. O’Connor
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Madison, WI

Amanda Price
Marshall Elementary School
Marshall, WI

Beth Thayer
Hillsboro Elementary School
Hillsboro, WI

Corey Thompson
Cardinal Stritch University

Stephanie Unertl
Lake Mills Area School District
Lake Mills, WI

Christina Venn
Sheboygan Falls Elementary School
Sheboygan Falls, WI