Mahmoud Othman Atta

A Mosque for Milwaukee


How do you make history?

When Mahmoud Othman Atta was a child, his father made trips from Palestine to the United States to sell goods as a peddler to support his family. When Mahmoud grew older, he came with his father to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and stayed to go to school. He completed school, served in the United States Army, and returned to Palestine to marry. But not long after, war in the Middle East forced Mahmoud and his family to leave Palestine. Seeking a sense of community, Mahmoud and his family made Milwaukee their home, and worked with others to open the first mosque in Milwaukee open to all Muslims.

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Questions to Consider

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When he was sixteen, Mahmoud moved from Al-Bireh, Palestine, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Have you ever made a big move or changed schools? Who helped you in your new community?

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Why did Mahmoud and his family need to leave their hometown and make a new home in Milwaukee? What do you already know about refugees?

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For Mahmoud, being able to practice his religion with others was important. What actions did this prompt him to take? What happened in Milwaukee as a result of his actions?

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Mahmoud Othman Atta: A Mosque for Milwaukee

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