Stephen Babcock

Agriculture’s MVP


How do you make history?

Not driven by fame or fortune, Stephen Babcock found his inspiration to innovate in the possibility of making people’s lives better. While working as an agricultural chemist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he created the Babcock Test, which made it possible to accurately and efficiently find the amount of butterfat in milk, a total game-changer for the dairy industry. The test, along with his other all-star research discoveries, helped Wisconsin gain the nickname, “America’s Dairyland.”

Meet Stephen Babcock

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Questions to Consider

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Stephen did lots of experiments to develop the Babcock Test. He wanted to figure out how to make it work for all cows before he would let it be published. When have you had to do multiple steps or spend time to figure something out? How did you feel about what you were working on? How did you share what you learned?

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How did Stephen’s work affect those living in Wisconsin? How did it affect people around the world?

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If you could create something that would solve a problem, what problem would you want to solve? Why?

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Stephen Babcock: Agriculture’s MVP

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