Walter Bresette

Treaty Rights and Sovereignty


How do you make history?

Walter Bresette worked passionately to educate others on issues like sovereignty, American Indian treaty rights, and environmentalism. A member of the Red Cliff Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa (Ojibwe), Walter emerged as a leader during the Northern Wisconsin spearfishing controversies of the 1980s; organizing rallies, making speeches, and publishing his writings on the causes he cared about.

Meet Walter Bresette

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Questions to Consider

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Walter began his activism while he was a teenager, when he attended rallies for civil rights and against housing discrimination. How are these causes part of our lives today? Are there more causes that people are rallying for now? How might you take action about what is important to you?

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During the Walleye Wars in the 1970s and 1980s, Walter documented some of the conflicts between community members having to do with treaty rights to hunt, gather, and fish. What have you learned about Wisconsin’s First Nations and treaty rights? What questions do you have?

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Through his work, Walter sought to recognize and protect the lands and rights of First Nations people. How do you think his work is being continued today?

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Walter Bresette: Treaty Rights and Sovereignty

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