Adaptation & Mitigation: Wisconsin

An animated overview of strategies for addressing climate change with examples of actions that humans can take as individuals and as a society.

Extreme Heat: Milwaukee, WI

Elijah Furquan channels his creativity as a spoken word artist into giving voice to the effects of extreme heat on his urban community.

Farming: Bangor, WI

Kyle Niedfeldt Zenz shares about the challenges pests and disease pose to raising crops on her family’s farm.

Fly Fishing: Viroqua, WI

Peter Cozad, a fly fishing guide, talks about the increasing frequency of severe weather events that are impacting trout streams.

Forestry: Neopit, WI

Marshall Pecore describes the forest’s economic and cultural value to the Menominee and invasive species that now threaten the forest’s health.

Ice Fishing: Madison, WI

Tom and Norma Marchant share about their enjoyment of winter ice fishing season, which is being made shorter by warming temperatures.

Phenology: Baraboo, WI

Nina Leopold Bradley talks about how keeping records of the changing timing of plant and animal life cycles makes climate change visible.

Sugaring: Athens, WI

Kat Becker and Tony Schultz recount the seasonal practice of maple sugaring and how changing conditions impact the sap supply.


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“We use Climate Wisconsin videos all the time! Such a great resource, really well done and relevant to our audience.”

Community Educator, Monona, WI