The Legend of the Lost Emerald: Searching for Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes

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Step into the shoes of Jules, a maritime archaeologist to recover the stories behind shipwrecks inspired by real Great Lakes history!

Scene from Lost Emerald game showing a shipwreck at the bottom of a lake Play Now!

How to Play

Scene from Lost Emerald game showing desk with map on wall used to plan search for shipwrecks

1Pick Up the Phone

Incoming calls and texts contain important information to solve the shipwreck’s mysteries.

Scene from Lost Emerald game in which boat uses sonar to detect location of a shipwreck

2Locate & Dive

It takes time to find your location and investigate what lies below the surface with your boat’s sonar system… and your dive gear!

Scene from Lost Emerald game showing notebook used to log evidence used to find shipwrecks

3Gather Clues

Take photographs, talk to experts, read documents & examine artifacts from the past.

Scene from Lost Emerald game in which photos and other evidence are laid out on a board with connections

4Build Evidence

Connect the primary source clues on your evidence board to identify the ship and story.

Illustration of family of characters from Lost Emerald game, including a middle aged father and mother with their two daughters who are young adults

5Share Your Discoveries

Tell your family and expert friends what you’ve found out and why it matters.

Need to take a break while playing?

When you return, click the “Load Level” button on the home screen and select the beginning or mid-point of any level to dive back in where you stopped and continue the adventure.

Production Credits


  • Jim Mathews

Assistant Producer

  • Jessie Nixon

Creative Director

  • Sarah Gagnon

Art Director

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Game Design

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  • Eric Lang
  • Terra Lauterbach
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Web Design

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Game Analytics

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Translation Services

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Director of Education

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Additional Thanks to

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