Cat and Nick looking at books open on a table

Fit to

The Progressive Era and WWI

Read between the lines of The Progressive Era and WWI through the printing of amateur newspapers.

Joe, Taylor and Kacie talking about bowling shirts in the archives (only Joe and Taylor are visible in this photo)


Vietnam Era

Roll into recreation in Wisconsin during the Vietnam War era through Earlene Fuller’s story.

Tom showing records to Sergio

For the

World War I and the Great Depression

Tune into the history of the Great Depression through the story of Paramount Records.

Kacie and Taylor looking at a wrought iron toaster on display with Beth from the museum (only Kacie and Taylor are visible in this photo)

An Iron In
the Fire

The Fur Trade Era

Spark your thinking about life during the Fur Trade Era through the making and use of a wrought iron toaster.

Kacie and Taylor looking at a sculpture

Not Set
In Stone

Early Wisconsin, Civil War, and Reconstruction

Get a different take on Lincoln’s legacy and the freeing of enslaved people through the Emancipation Group sculpture.

Nick, Sergio, and Kacie, talking while looking at a bicycle

On the

Modern Era

Get your gears turning about life in the modern era through bicycles and bike making in Wisconsin.

Nick and Sergio looking up at the frame of a set of bunk beds

Ripe for

Postwar Wisconsin

Travel back to the postwar era through the bunk beds that hold the history of migrant farmworkers in Wisconsin.

Lynda, Kacie, and Cat together talking about the cross-stitch samplers

A Stitch
In Time

Territory to Statehood

Sew your way through the time from territory to statehood with Margaret Miekel’s cross-stitch sampler.

Kacie and Cat using magnifying glasses to look closely at a sundial

Time to

Early Explorers

Set your clock to the time of early explorers through the story of the Le Maire Sundial and Compass.

Tom showing records to Sergio

A Trunk Full
of History

The New Deal and World War II

Unpack the New Deal and WWII through this Civilian Conservation Corps member’s trunk.

Tamara, Bill, Nick, Kacie, and Taylor talking to each other about the canoes (only Nick and Kacie are visible in this photo)


First Nations

Dive into learning about First Nations in the area thousands of years ago through the dugout canoes recovered from Lake Mendota.