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Unlock the potential for your learners to think critically about their roles as media consumers and creators. Catalyze your professional learning and find inspiration in Wisconsin educators who have completed the media literacy certification.

The PBS Media Literacy Credentials align with Wisconsin Academic Standards for Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) which identify and define the knowledge and skills essential for all Wisconsin students to access, evaluate, and use information and technology to engage in and take ownership of their learning.

Media Literacy and Overlapping Wisconsin State Standards

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Standards Supported:

DC1.b, CC1.c, KC1.b, and more!

Begin Your Certification

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Join a cohort of Wisconsin educators or work on your own to become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator.

Cohort members meet virtually with instructors for one hour, once a month from September through June. Members gain support for completing credentials from PBS Wisconsin staff, other Wisconsin educators, and Media Literacy experts from across the state. To be eligible to participate you must be a PreK-12 educator employed in Wisconsin.

The Credentials In Practice

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Educator Exemplar: Jaclyn Jecha

Evaluating Online Information

Jaclyn Jecha, Media Literacy Exemplar

Jaclyn Jecha is a High School Social Studies Teacher at New Berlin West Middle and High School, in New Berlin, Wisconsin and a PBS Media Literacy Certified Educator. During the 2020-2021 PBS Wisconsin Media Literacy Cohort, Jaclyn met the Evaluating Online Information credential by demonstrating her ability to use, as well as instruct others to use, online tools to find and evaluate credible resources related to specific lines of inquiry. Jaclyn evaluated sources around the 2020 election, created and taught a lesson examining voter fraud and analyzed student reflections to receive this credential.

Explore Jaclyn’s Lesson About Evaluating Online Information
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“As a social studies teacher, I utilize media every day to teach current events, apply history to the modern world, and analyze sources. With so many news sources and media sources available, it is vital to have an understanding of how media is produced, distributed, and applied.”

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Wisconsin's Certified Educators

Peg Billing
Library Media Specialist
Lakeland Union High School
(2020-2021 Cohort)

Gwen Fiecko
English/21st Century Communications Teacher
Lincoln High School
Manitowoc Public School District
(2020-2021 Cohort)

Jaclyn Jecha
High School Social Studies Teacher
New Berlin West Middle and High School
New Berlin
(2020-2021 Cohort)

Tammy McVeigh
Library Media & Technology Specialist
Lincoln High School Library
(2020-2021 Cohort)

April Vach
High School Math Teacher
Lincoln High School
Manitowoc Public School District
(2020-2021 Cohort)