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Why Meet the Lab?

Real-world problems are being solved by scientific research every day. Make science matter to your students with Meet the Lab! You and your students can:

  • Explore relevant, real-world issues, introduced through personal video stories
  • Meet labs in Wisconsin by hearing from diverse scientists who are working together to seek answers to big questions
  • Do science with grade-appropriate activities based on real lab content and practices

All Meet the Lab resources are developed with NGSS and Wisconsin Science Standards in mind. And, since middle school is a critical time for learners to actively construct their identities and to see themselves in science, all the resources can be used to support your learners in developing their own STEM identities, or “Who am I, who can I become, where do I belong, and how do others see me?” in the context of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Meet the Lab
Quick Start Chart

Use this quick-start chart to see how the featured labs map to content areas, crosscutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and standards!

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Meet More Resources

Explore these guides developed with and for educators to find background information, discussion questions, and activity ideas for each lab.

Antibiotic Hunters

The Tiny Earth Network discovers new antibiotics 🦠 through the soil; and students do the hunting!

Cancer Detectives

The Skala Lab uses high-powered laser microscopes ⚡️ 🔬 to research cancer cell growth!

Data Decoders

The Solís-Lemus Lab teams up with biologists to make computer 🖥️ models that can help make sense of mind-boggling amounts of data to better understand living things! 🌱

Nervous System Engineers

The Ashton Group bioengineers neural tissue to study the nervous system. 🧠 Brains, spines, nerves, oh my!

Virus Investigators

The John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Center for Research in Virology is on the case to observe 🔎 how viruses multiply, in hopes of finding new ways to stop them in their tracks!

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Meet the Lab
“Meet the Lab takes real-life experiences and real-life research and puts it together to educate all learners in a meaningful and approachable way. The content is made accessible to all on a fantastic platform that is engaging and inclusive."
Meet the Lab cohort educator